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Washington, DC

Social Justice
Racial Reconciliation

- Motivational, Pro-Life, Social Justice Speaker
- Founder and President of CURE
- Best-Selling Author


Star Parker is one of the names on the short list mentioned when anyone speaks of national black conservative leaders.

Star Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a public policy think tank that promotes market-based solutions to fight poverty.

Before involvement in social activism, Star had seven years of first-hand experience in the grip of welfare dependency. After consulting on federal Welfare Reform in the mid-90s, she founded UrbanCure to bring new ideas to policy discussions on how to transition America's poor from government dependency.

Star has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and International Business from Woodbury University and has received numerous awards and commendations for her work on public policy issues.

She regularly consults with both federal and state legislators on market-based strategies to fight poverty; she has spoken on more than 190 colleges and universities about anti-poverty initiatives; has authored several books; and is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate.

Many of national acclaim would agree that Star Parker has established herself as a thoughtful and energetic leader in Washington D.C and her CURE advisory board includes folks of note such as Generals John Ashcroft and Ed Meese; Doctors Ben Carson, Robert P. George, George Gilder, Marvin Olasky and Walter E. Williams.



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 <p>White Ghetto</p>

White Ghetto


“Thank you so much for facilitating Star Parker! She was fantastic and absolutely exceeded our expectations. We loved her!”
- Athens Pregnancy Center

"Star was an amazing speaker and great for our area. The whole town is talking about her and we want her to come back next year."
-Jennifer Dobbs, Dallas County Sav-A-Life

"When everyone learned that Star Parker was making a repeat appearance at our fundraising banquet, she was here in 2008, we had to acquire a larger venue to accommodate the crowd. She was, once again, astounding. Her unique perspective of the issues we face was truly eye opening for our guests and motivating for our staff and volunteers. Her previous appearance resulted in a record level of giving and this year we have set a new record for both attendance and giving! Thank you, Star Parker, for your dedication and passion. You are a blessing!"
-Amber Martin, Choices Resource Center

"We had a tremendous banquet last night. Star drew a record crowd for us of over 450 people. (We've never gone over 250!) We know that many guests came just to hear her speak, but we were thrilled to see Star draw them toward our mission. We raised over $124,000 (also a record outcome)! But better still, we know of several firm "pro-choice" guests who went away with a new understanding of God's perspective. Four of these individuals gave a generous financial gift! For me, this kind of success is even sweeter than the money!"
-Amy Scheuring, Women's Choice Network

“Star Parker is one of the brightest lights of the black conservative movement."
-Rush Limbaugh

"Star has a message that everyone needs to hear. Every attendee was challenged and inspired to get involved in supporting the Center. Over 50 people expressed an interest in volunteering and financial support exceeded last year."
-Pregnancy Care Center