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- 2016's Top 10 Most Effective Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker
- Pro-Life Speaker & Fundraiser
- Son is Successful Abortion Pill Reversal


Rebekah Buell`s journey began in 2011, when she became pregnant with her first son at just 17. Despite the many challenges she faced, Rebekah chose life for her first-born, and went on to begin college at a California University. Her future was looking up, but before long, Rebekah`s troubled relationship came to an end, and it was at that same time that she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. 

Feeling panicked, ashamed, and afraid of losing her parent`s support and college dreams, Rebekah decided that raising two children at 19 years old would be impossible. With no hope in sight, she visited Planned Parenthood at 8 weeks pregnant and began a chemical abortion.

Immediately after taking the first, ru486 abortion pill, Rebekah knew she had made the biggest mistake of her life. Still sitting in the abortion clinic`s parking lot, she turned to her phone in search of a way to save her baby.

Miraculously, with the help of a new protocol called “Abortion-Pill-Reversal,” Rebekah was able to see a pro-life doctor who began administering injections of progesterone to counteract the abortion pill she took.

Although Planned Parenthood told her this would be impossible and lead to “severe deformations,” Buell gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy in October of 2013.

The life Rebekah thought would be impossible as a young, single mother of two has been better than she ever could have imagined, and she is eternally grateful for God`s divine intervention that allowed her to reverse her abortion. As for the family she thought would disown her—they have offered nothing but love and support, and her dreams of finishing college will be fulfilled this spring. These days, this now pro-life speaker spends her time enjoying her two young sons, sharing her testimony, and reaching out to young women in similar situations.



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West Coast Walk for Life 2015

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Facing Life Interview



“Rebekah's interest in our organization and our goals for the annual banquet were sincere. She seamlessly incorporated our event fundraising theme and goals into her presentation.”
- Care Net Pregnancy Services of Northern Kentucky 

 “Many people have said that Rebekah was the best speaker we've had. YAY! We hit our financial goal,… twice as much as we have ever done at a banquet!”
-Sissy Hedrick, Calaveras Door of Hope Pregnancy Center

"I was very touched by Becky's strength and conviction. Her story raises awareness and provides hope. I can tell she is eager to share her story in the hope of helping others. Seeing Zechariah come on stage gave me chills and brought me to tears! Becky Buell’s message is one that needs to be heard. You’ll never hear from the distributors of the abortion pill that it can be reversed. Becky is living testimony that it can, and the more people who hear this message, the better."
–Kelly Quinn, Tulare-Kings Right to Life

“We were blessed to have Becky as one of our keynote speakers at the 2015 Walk for Life West Coast. Speaking in front of tens of thousands of people, her story of faith and hope inspired everyone. Becky's honest and heartfelt joy at the new life she had created gave that same experience of joy to so many people. She was one of the highlights of the day!”
-Eva Muntean, Walk For Life West Coast 2015

“Becky provided the keynote address at our annual Life Banquet. To this day, I still have guests who attended tell me how moved they were by Becky's hope-filled and inspiring story of a successful abortion reversal. From our center's perspective, we were impressed not only by her courage to tell her story but also by her intentional skill in tying her experiences into the work we do as a pregnancy resource center. We highly recommend her!”
-Christine Vatuone, Informed Choices