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- Caregiving Speaker
- Author, Radio Show Host


An exceptional voice of experience for an unprecedented need.

For the past 30 years, radio hostauthorspeaker, accomplished pianist, and black-belt in Hapkido, Peter has personally traveled the path of the family caregiver. In the process, he has learned that a caregiver cannot only survive, but thrive in the midst of oftentimes grim circumstances. In an unparalleled journey with his wife Gracie, he has navigated a medical nightmare that has mushroomed to 78 operations, the amputation of both of Gracie’s legs, treatment by more than 75 doctors in 12 hospitals, 7 medical insurance companies, and $10 million in medical bills.

This experience unquestionably qualifies him as an expert as a caregiver and has made him a most ardent champion for the family caregiver, providing him with an astonishing understanding of health care issues and a deep compassion for others. Seamlessly weaving frankness with his outrageous humor, Peter brings freshness, hope and laughter into the painful places of caregiving. He regularly speaks on a wide range of topics that include healthcare and finances, caregivers in the workplace, facing adversity, thriving as a caregiver, and family relationships.

Earning a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University, Peter is an accomplished pianist and often incorporates his expressive style of music into his presentations as he entertains, inspires, and challenges audiences from all walks of life. He recently released the first-ever CD exclusively made for caregivers, “Songs for the Caregiver.”

Peter has a lengthy list of media credits including Forbes, USA TODAY, the Today Show, AARP, WEB MD,, Guideposts,, TBN, People Magazine, and The BBC.  Since 2013, he has carried his message of health and hope for the caregiver to the airwaves, hosting his own weekly show on WLAC 1510 (iHeart Radio) in Nashville.

Peter’s book Hope for the Caregiver is in its third printing, and his newest book 7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them provides practical tools and encouragement for the caregiver.



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Guilt vs Grace

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 <p>Hope for the Caregiver</p>

Hope for the Caregiver

 <p>7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them</p>

7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them

 <p>Songs for the Caregiver</p>

Songs for the Caregiver


“Peter has a unique gift for storytelling that brings levity, strength and comfort to the burdensome and often overwhelming state of caregiving.  In a room of 900 people impacted by Huntington’s disease, laughter rang out and everyone walked away a little lighter for their journeys because of Peter’s kind words and hard-earned wisdom.”
- Louise Vetter, CEO, Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Inc.

“With tenacity, tenderness, and humor Peter Rosenberger brings hope to those who find themselves in the overwhelming and sometimes lonely role of caregiver.”
- Amy Grant, Grammy & Dove Award Winning Recording Artist

“Peter Rosenberger was the keynote speaker at the NYS Caregiving & Respite Coalition’s annual conference. Through humor, he gave practical advice to caregivers living the care partnering experience. More importantly, he brought hope to professionals and family caregivers who deal with the struggles of caregiving day in and out. We were so impressed with his use of storytelling. He was the highlight of the conference!”
- Ann Marie Cook, President & CEO of Lifespan

“As caregivers, we often feel isolated, but for me, reading and listening to Peter feels like a one-on-one encounter. It could be as intensely personal to you, too!”
- Graham Kerr, Former Host of “The Galloping Gourmet” TV Show

“In a world hung up on trying to make sense out of hard times, Peter drives the point home that “we don’t have to understand—God understands, and that’s enough.” This is THE book for caregivers, written by one with scars and immense credibility.”
- Jeff Foxworthy, Award Winning

“Our time with Peter was transformative. The message he brought to our conference was so genuine, and connected with us in ways we couldn’t have anticipated. Peter didn’t speak about abstract theories, or how things ‘should be’ for caregivers. He truly understood our fears, our frustrations and what was on our hearts—and brought insight from his years of experience to empower us and to feed us on our journey. He sent us out with humor, grace and the understanding that to be effective in providing care for our loved ones, we first have to begin with the vital mission of caring for ourselves as caregivers.”
-Alaska  Parish Nurses and Caregivers