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- Authors of "Light In Our Darkness"


Lisa and Kathy expose and bring to life in a unique way the real story behind the genesis of abortion.  They do what politics cannot do by personalizing the subject through the life Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Their individual stories of devastation and redemption intersect with the riveting story of this little known yet highly influential OBGYN who led the charge for abortion on demand that paved the way for Roe v. Wade.  Nathanson nearly single-handedly created the marketing strategy and media lies to promote abortion in America in the early 70’s. After overseeing 75,000 abortions and being introduced to the new ultrasound, he came to the startling realization that there were two lives at stake – the mother and the baby. He became so tormented by what he’d unleashed on America that he spent his twilight years fighting to overturn his own victory. He is both the ultimate villain and hero in the fight to save the unborn.

Lisa is brutally honest about her own personal tale of fall, grace and redemption. Swallowing the lies pedaled by Nathanson and the pro-choice movement, her life became one of sex, drugs and rock and roll. This led her down the violent path to prostitution and incarceration, where she fell victim to the throwaway mentality of the abortion industry.

Devastated by childhood sexual abuse, Kathy Gray developed a mentality that she herself was disposable. The violent murder of her brother left her scrambling for purpose and she became enslaved to finding value through perfectionism. Convinced that she would never live up to the ideal image depicted by the women’s movement her decisions led her to the point of a mental breakdown.

After hearing their stories of how God carried them from darkness into light, you will never look at grace the same way. Your passion will be reignited to continue to fight for the pro-life cause.



 <p>Light In Our Darkness</p>

Light In Our Darkness


"Light in Our Darkness weaves the true stories of three incredibly different people into one compelling account of what happens when good intentions go dangerously awry ... and Lisa and Kathy reveal how you and I can help others discover light in the midst of their darkness!"
- David Bereit, CEO of 40 Days for Life

"It is rare in our world today that you encounter true transparency. Light in Our Darkness explodes with authenticity. This is an amazing, brave story."
- Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin, Executive Vice President, Family Research Council

"We live in an age where human beings are viewed with varying degrees of value.  We celebrate some people, disregard others, and destroy ones we deem worthless.  Yet every single human being, regardless of subjective circumstances, possesses unlimited potential and priceless value.  Light in Our Darkness is a powerful, poignant reminder that each and every one of us is a wonderful, marvelous image bearer, created with purpose and a plan. Read, contemplate, and celebrate life!"
- Brian Fisher, Co-Founder and President, Human Coalition

"Are you haunted by guilt, shame or remorse? There is hope for you in the pages of this book.   Readers will be shown through real life stories that they too can come from darkness into life giving light."
- Ruth Graham

"Light in Our Darkness examines a controversial subject, abortion, in a fairly unique way. The book does what politics cannot do by personalizing the subject through the life of the man who originally led the charge for abortion rights, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, and the lives of the authors. It exposes some surprising history about the abortion debate that predates and sets the stage for Roe v. Wade while also revealing the dramatic life journey of Dr. Nathanson after his initial activism. And, aside from the already heavy subject matter, Lisa is brutally honest about her own life's journey, a personal tale of "fall, grace and redemption" that deserves telling on its own. This is a compelling and thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the abortion debate, regardless of which side of it you may be on."
- Tony Guerrero, Jazz Musician, Founder/President, FACT Alliance / Let's Respond

"This captivating story is for those who may worry about their place in the world, wonder how to use their past mistakes for good, or struggle with their identity and sense of purpose. It is for anyone who needs hope for the future - which is all of us."
- Janet Kelly, Foster Care/Adoption Advocate and former Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth

"Many themes run through this chronicle; foremost from utter depravity, through forgiveness to victorious redemption. Another is the powerful explanation of Dr. Bernard Nathanson a man who unleashed a bloody revolution on America and spent his twilight years trying to rein it back in."
- Alveda C. King, Evangelist, Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life 

"Unflinching, compelling and grippingly honest! In their powerful book, Light in Our Darkness, Lisa and Kathy weave together the tapestry of three broken people who followed that thin ray of grace out of the darkness and into the light. You will cheer their redemption and courage, and be deeply moved by their commitment to the truth that every life matters." 
- Randy Singer, Author 

"You'll never think of the word grace the same way. This gripping and revealing story will have you on the edge of your seat eager to see what happens yet not wanting the story to end."
- Darryl and Tracy Strawberry, Strawberry Ministries

"Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s personal journey from devastation to destiny is riveting - when told alongside the domino effect stories of these two courageous women, the result is a heart changing drama that will stay with you long after turning the last page."
- Kathleen Wilson, Executive Director, Mary's Shelter, Inc., Fredericksburg, VA