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Nashville, TN


- 2016's Most Effective Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker
- Pro-Life Speaker and Fundraiser
- Author of "The Wall"


A night with author Kirk Walden is an evening filled with humor, challenge, vision and hope.

Your audience will be laughing with Kirk as he shares his true-life stories, and moved as he powerfully connects those stories with your ministry. Kirk is unique in his ability to blend laughter and poignant moments—it’s a night your audience will remember for years to come.

Most important, your attendees will be stirred to action by Kirk’s vision of the pivotal role pregnancy care ministries play in creating a culture of life in America.

Kirk’s book, The Wall, is now one of the best-selling pro-life books available today. His powerful plan that can end abortion as we know it is succinct, simple—and surprisingly possible.

In addition, Kirk’s Friday columns at, the #1 web site for pregnancy help ministries and organizations, encourage and exhort pro-life leaders around the world.

As a one-time pregnancy help center director, Kirk takes your audience inside your ministry and gives them a perfect picture of why—and how—to support your work. And for the men in your audience, Kirk is a great fit--a one-time professional golfer and a former member of a college football broadcast team.

Oh, and did we mention that Kirk is one of our ministry’s strongest fundraisers? In 2015 alone, he assisted centers in raising $3.4 million, bringing his total to more than $25 million.


• Founder & President of LifeTrends, now part of the Heartbeat International family of services

• Women’s Hope Medical Clinic Executive Director (’91-’99)
• Former college (Auburn University) & professional golfer
• Kirk’s life & cultural issues blog:

Home & Family

• Kirk lives just outside of Nashville, TN with his wife Jennifer. They have five children and many stories to share (Your audience will never forget The Disney Story!).



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Banquet Keynote 2015

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Banquet Keynote 2016


 <p>The Wall</p>

The Wall


“I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Kirk as our banquet speaker this year. Our giving total was the highest it has ever been in our 9 year history! In spite of some problems with the facility that caused dinner to go long and cost us valuable time on our presentation, Kirk has continued to receive rave reviews from our guests and the overall response from this banquet has been phenomenal. Kirk continues to be No. 1 in our book!”
- South County Pregnancy Help Center

“Kirk's personalized his presentation to our reflect our clinic and our needs to our donors.  He referred to things said by others earlier in the program, showing just how engaged and in tune he was to us!  He also adjusted his presentation to make sure we ended on time.  His humor and genuine spirit make him a hit with our audiences.”
- Liberty Women's Clinic

“We broke a fundraising record. Everyone raved about Kirk’s message, his story, his humor, and his sincere interest in Robbinsdale Women’s Center.  I  recommend him highly to other PMC’s without reservation!  We’ve been doing fundraising dinners for almost 25 years, and Kirk is truly among the best we’ve had!”
- Robbinsdale Women’s Center

"Kirk was a fantastic motivator to help our audience capture the vision that our current Center and our proposed new facility are valuable to our community.  He moved them financially and the support was overwhelming. Our supporters’ eyes have been opened to what we do as a pregnancy help center and now view us as a blessing in this community."
- Barbara Fox, LIFE Pregnancy Center

"Wow! Kirk was everything we expected plus more. I loved all the communication early on to know what to expect and getting to know Kirk. I loved how he stayed in touch with us as we prepared for our event as well as the tour of our center and meeting with our board. I appreciate all the extra time and work that he puts in to make sure we have the best event possible. His focus was on our success.  The WOW Banquet was a huge help as we used it to change some of our format. I know this will benefit us for years to come as we continue to implement his strategy."
- Angie Cantrell, St. Clair Sav-A-Life, Inc.

“We’ve never had such a response! Kirk was by far the best speaker we’ve EVER had! Not just because of his speech, but his passion, humility, sincerity, authenticity, and the way he completely represented us and our ministry and not himself. We have had some big names including Pam Tebow, Laura Ingraham, Mike Huckbee, Ben Carson, and more… Kirk tops the list in every category!  I cannot recommend him more highly! Thank you, Kirk, for absolutely blessing our socks off!”
-Dave McCall, Pregnancy Care Center of San Antonio

“Kirk did a fabulous job and he has received nothing but absolutely RAVE reviews! What an incredible blessing he is! Our center has NEVER seen such a large total for our annual banquet. THANK YOU so much for answering God's calling and for continuing to bless the ongoing work of pregnancy centers!"
-Laura Strabley, Wilson Pregnancy Center

"I was more pleased with Kirk than any speaker I have worked with in 10 years. Kirk genuinely cared about the ministry HERE and communicating that info to our guests. Kirk spoke from the heart, sharing his personal story, along with humor to keep our audience enjoying the evening. He was obviously not just there to “make a buck” with his speaking, but to help promote life and show our guests how abortion can be ended and how we can all work together to do so. His appeal was done extremely well and very specific, and we have heard ONLY good things about him from our staff and guests."
-Lenita Davison, Pregnancy Support Center

“Kirk Walden is the consummate of pregnancy resource center speaker.  He knows this subject inside and out and takes times to learn about the challenges faced by the particular center for which he is fundraising.  He is personable, engaging and approachable.  He is the best!”
-Diane Pruitt, Alpha Women’s Resource Center