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- Inspirational Speaker
- FOX News Anchor
- Author of 'America's Hope'


Kelly Wright is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel (FNC), based in the Washington, D.C. bureau. He is also a co-host on "America's News Headquarters" on Saturdays (1:00-2:00 PM/ET). Wright previously served as a co-host on "Fox & Friends Weekend."

Most recently, Wright was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Sponsors at Morehouse College for his "Beyond the Dream" series. In April 2007, Wright secured an exclusive sit-down with first lady Laura Bush where she responded to the Virginia Tech massacres, Katrina recovery and the President's final term. Earlier in 2005, he reported from Tampa, Florida, on the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case. In 2004, Wright spent nearly three months reporting on the developments in Iraq. He was among the first reporters to cover the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal and the subsequent court martial cases held in Baghdad. Wright also spent time embedded with U.S. and British troops, reporting on the military's humanitarian efforts in Baghdad, Basrah and Mosul and provided coverage on U.S. forces training Iraqi security forces. Additionally, he reported on the historic U.S. handover of sovereignty to Iraq. Beyond Iraq, Wright extensively covered the 2004 presidential election, including the Democratic presidential race, the New Hampshire primary, and the South Carolina primary. In October 2003, he reported live from the Congressional Black Caucus/FNC Democratic presidential candidate debate in Detroit.

Before joining FNC, Wright served as co-anchor of "News at Ten" at WVBT-TV (FOX) in Norfolk, Va. During his tenure there, he covered a wide range of stories, including a historical event in Benin, West Africa, where African presidents Mathieu Kerekou of Benin, Jerrauld Rawlins of Ghana, and representatives from the United States, England, France and Dominican Republic apologized for their role in slavery.

Previously, Wright served as a weekend news anchor and reporter for WRAL-TV (CBS) in Raleigh, N.C. Wright secured numerous rare interviews, including a 1996 exclusive interview with O.J. Simpson following the criminal court trial. Wright also served as a general assignment reporter for WWOR-TV (MyNetworkTV) in New York. He reported on numerous high profile newsmakers and events for the station, including John Gotti, Amy Fisher, the Howard Beach and Bensonhurst murder trials and the 1989 Central Park jogger rape case. He began his journalism career in 1977 while serving in the United States Army and has received numerous awards for his reporting, including two local Emmy Awards for his developing, reporting and co-producing a documentary and news series on the transatlantic slave trade.

Wright is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.

America's Hope In Troubled Times

For nearly 30 years, Kelly Wright has been reporting on major news events. He's also interviewed many popular newsmakers including; President Barack Obama (when he was Senator), First Lady Laura Bush, Muhammad Ali, John Travolta, Nick Jonas, Ludacris, O.J. Simpson, and more.

A familiar face to millions who watch Fox News, Kelly Wright is the co-anchor of "America's News Headquarters Weekend" and former co-host of "Fox and Friends Weekend. " He also reports on events that shape our world from Washington.

Kelly's experiences in News have placed him in Iraq, Africa, London, Paris, and at The White House, Pentagon, U.S. Capitol, and other places of influence. A two-time Emmy Award winner (Capitol Region), Kelly offers a unique perspective to his craft.

Beyond his anchoring and reporting, Kelly is an ordained minister and Gospel Recording Artist. He encourages people through his passionate preaching good news in a bad news world. As a singer, he's performed on programs featuring Shirley Caesar, Cissy Houston Jonathan Butler, the late James Brown, and more. He sings songs that motivate, inspire, and promote hope at a time filled with hopelessness.

In his book, America's Hope, Kelly candidly discusses politics, racism, and the role of faith in a world that's increasingly more cynical.



A Time for Triumph
Kelly delves into the abortion issue with a personal account about a teen mother who chooses to take a stand to have her baby.

America's Hope in Troubled Times
With 30 years of experience as a broadcast journalist, Kelly wright shares his unique perspective on finding hope in a an age of cynicism and a political divide.

Beyond the Dream
Kelly provides motivation and inspiration based on real life individuals that have triumphed against all odds. Kelly focuses on people in politics, business, faith, media, confident that the American Dream is alive and well. 

Soul Food
The world's collective soul is malnourished. People are confronted with war, poverty, racism, uncertainty and terrorism. Kelly provides nourishment for the soul of man with a compelling presentation that uses aspects of his own life and the numerous stories he has reported on from War and Peace, tragedy to triumph, and division to reconciliation. Throughout his career, Kelly has reported on international stories in Africa, Iraq, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. In all of his experiences he concludes the collective soul of mankind is desperate for healing and significance.



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Beyond the Dream

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 <p>Goodness & Mercy CD</p>

Goodness & Mercy CD

 <p>America's Hope</p>

America's Hope


"It's a great honor for us to have your lectures this afternoon. Your words are so touching and help the young people reflect their goals, values, and experiences. Your lecture let the students think about their dreams and contributions to the community. We like your great personality and no doubt those students will regard you as a role model.”
-Jason Li, Chinese Young Development Program

"Just a note to thank you for your marvelous presentation at our club this week. The Rotary Club of Tulsa is the largest service club in the state of Oklahoma and the tenth largest Rotary club in the world, out of 31,000 clubs. Sometimes it can be a bit stodgy, so for the entire club to jump to their feet and give you a standing ovation speaks volumes about the excitement and heart-felt sentiment throughout your presentation."
-Matt Davis, President, Rotary Club of Tulsa

"With over 200 attendees Kelly threw down the gauntlet as he challenged all of us to consider the possibilities of influence that each of us possess to make a better America. I highly recommend Kelly for any speaking engagement for those that want to be inspired by Kelly's deep reservoir of understanding of the American culture."
-Don Milam, Whitaker House Publishers

"Kelly was the consummate professional. He engaged with the audience both during his talk and after the presentation was finished. Kelly spoke on the topic of 'Hope for American in Troubled Times'. He articulated well the challenges in our society and then where to find HOPE. Kelly is a talented speaker, skillfully weaving in his life stories with the topics he is presenting. I strongly recommend Kelly Wright as a speaker, skillful storyteller, gifted musician and a good friend. America needs to hear his message of hope."
-Dave Balinski, CBMC Central PA

"Kelly Wright has a message to change a nation, one heart at a time. He understands that true healing begins with faith, genuine transformation starts in the home, and our greatest hope will always be firmly rooted in our Lord. Take Kelly ‘s outstretched hand and, together, let s find common ground."
-Carolyn Castleberry, Author

"Sweet water can come from a bitter well, when God touches the water, and my friend, Fox News Channel colleague and brother in Christ Kelly Wright proves this in a powerful, personal, and poignant new book, America s Hope in Troubled Times. It’s easy to write a feel good book when you’ve known a life of luxury and leisure, but the power of Kelly’s perspective is that when you read the shocking circumstances of his birth, the pain of childhood prejudice, and the twists and turns of a life that has been subjected to tribulations, you’ll marvel that he could write a book of triumph. Americans could use a dose of good medicine, and this book will likely be soothing. But be warned: Kelly’s optimism and unabashed faith in Christ may be contagious!"
-Mike Huckabee