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Pensacola, FL

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- 2016's Top 10 Most Effective Pro-Life Fundraising Speaker
- Pro-Life Speaker and Fundraiser
- Board Certified OBGYN "The ProLife Doc"


In 1999, Dr. William Lile and a partner bought out the practice of the largest provider of abortion services in Pensacola, Florida. Along with putting an immediate stop to abortion procedures and referrals at the clinic, Lile and his partner included a clause in the contract: the man who at one time had led the area in abortions had to agree to leave the region if he wanted to keep trafficking in abortion.

Upon selling the building, the abortionist had left all of his tools, including a suction machine, exam table with stirrups, curettes and forceps.  Lile and his partner immediately set out to put the tools once used for tearing apart preborn babies to good use for the first time, starting with a simple educational talk for their local church.

That was the beginning of Lile’s venture into what has become somewhat of a second career, providing education on abortion procedures for the pro-life and Christian communities through speaking appearances, as well as articles and videos, hosted online at

Using the tools the abortionist had left behind, four of Lile’s simple, non-graphic videos have gained close to a million views combined, topped by his “Abortion Machine Demonstration” video, where he uses an abortion suction machine to crush a steel paint thinner can in seconds.

Lile worked with the United States Council of Catholic Bishops to produce “God’s Miracle of Life,” a 60-minute DVD that includes bloodless demonstrations of common abortion procedures and argues for the sanctity of life on scientific, legal, and scriptural grounds.

Lile is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and former OB/GYN Department Chair at Sacred Heart Hospital. He is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Alabama and served as an instructor with both The University of Florida and Florida State Medical School OB/GYN residency programs. 

Dr. Lile is a frequent guest of both television and syndicated radio shows. He is available for seminars to churches, schools, civic organizations, and legislative groups.



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Real Life.

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Abortion Machine Demonstration

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Marcus Pointe Church Keynote



“Many of our regular donors have said his (Dr. Lile) presentation was the best one yet!  His passion for life is clearly communicated and contagious.  It was educational, informative, and gave everyone something to think about.”
-Joanne, The Pregnancy Resource Center, Rockwall, TX 

"I have had the privilege to attend Dr. Lile's seminar presentation on the sanctity of life. He presents the truth in a scholarly and non-condemning fashion. He does one of the best presentations I have seen. When he is done you have the marvelous truths of life and there is only one real conclusion...choose life." 
-Pastor Harry Thomas, Co-founder Creation Festivals and Concerts East & West

"Dr. Lile's energy and enthusiasm to educate and motivate the value of each individual life is second to none. His presentation is inspiring and heart-changing. His ability to share personal experience accompanied with breathtaking imagery captivates his audience and definitely won many hearts for life! I would highly recommend Dr. Lile for any venue; you will be blessed!"
-Dr. Joel Moulder, Tippecanoe County Right to Life

"He had everyone eating out of his hand...What a message!"
-Father Dan Gartland, Board Chairman, Tippecanoe County Right to Life

"Dr. Bill Lile is the best friend that the unborn could ever have."
-Dr. James Dobson